ACN Says Stop The War On Women

Thank you for visiting Abortion Care Network’s beautiful and powerful Supershero protest against the War on Women. In case you get asked, here’s an answer to “What war on women?

In Congress and in legislatures all over the country politicians have passed dozens of laws that close clinics that thousands of women have depended on for their basic health care; laws designed to shame good women and that bring government more and more into women’s very personal decisions about pregnancy; laws that try to control women just like repressive regimes this country has fought against. These laws don’t create jobs; or stop people from losing their homes; or lower the cost of student loans; or help children; or make our environment more healthy; or even get government out of our private lives as they promised. They exist simply to take away women’s dignity and freedom--freedom that we have fought for—that we believe is our right and the right of all people.


Connecting the abortion care community, the Abortion Care Network is the driving force behind the movement to de-stigmatize and normalize the abortion experience while offering support and training to the abortion care community. Founded in 2008, as a successor to the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, ACN has created a network of independent abortion providers, supportive allied organizations, and socially conscious individuals who are deeply invested in creating an environment where women who choose abortion, and those that provide care, are no longer harassed or shamed by the choices they make.
“The collective wisdom, passion and convictions of the
ACN network have carried me through...”

—Dr. Susan Wicklund

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Abortion Care Network is committed to creating a community that supports the right of all people to experience respectful, dignified abortion care.